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How Can Crystals Help Me?

One of the most frequent question we get asked is how can a crystal help me, and what do I need to do with it, so it can help me.

I am by no means a crystal expert, but as a homeopath of 25 years and a family constellation therapist of 15 years, I have a lot of experience in helping people heal through energetic methods.

So, when people ask me, which crystal may help them with deeper issues like depression, anxiety and physical dis-ease, I want to be clear that no crystal can just make it all better. As you will also see on our website, I rarely refer to physical dis-ease in relation to the properties of the stones, as I feel that would be mis-leading to most people.

I see healing as a journey we go on and on this journey, crystals can offer support. The support is further increased if we can go into a relationship with the crystal. If we can go into resonance with the vibration that the crystal is offering, then something beautiful can happen in that coming together - and that's the magic of crystals, as I see it.

What I see happening is that crystals carry a beautiful energy that comes from deep within mother earth. Through their creation, the gemstones make this energy available to us and we can learn to access it.

Being around crystals is a privilege and a reminder of the healing available through nature, if we choose to engage with it. We have to allow ourselves to receive this offering, and remain humble within that.

For that reason, it is important to surround yourself with NATURAL gemstones that have been ethically sourced and fairly priced, so the exchange remains a healthy one.

For more information on Marilene's work as a homeopath and family constellations therapist, visit

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