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How Can I Go Into Resonance with the Crystals?

Following on from my blog post about ‘How Can Crystals Help Me’, I have had the most beautiful feedback and of course more questions, like ‘How can I go into resonance with the crystals?’ For me, the two keywords in this particular question are ‘resonance’ and ‘I’. In short, this means that I am the one playing the active part. The crystal has a vibration to offer and I am the one who allows my-self to be touched by it. In other words, when we resonate with something, we are affected by it, and in turn that changes us. Sounds simple, right, but how can we practically do so? It’s not as if we are brought up in a world that encourages us to do so in a natural way. Letting The Crystal In

We can enjoy crystals for their beauty, for their incredible workings together of nature, or we can let ourselves be touched by the energies they carry within. Either process requires a certain openness from us to ‘see’ and to ‘let in’. I believe that most of us are born with the knowing of how to do so. However, modern life largely requires that we neglected and shut down these qualities in us. The good news is, the ‘knowledge’ of how to do so remains hidden in us and can be activated again. Working with crystals provides an opportunity to reawaken us again to what we already have inside us. Crystals are a testimony of the many natural wonders of planet earth and we too are one of this beautiful creation. Practice As we slow down and take time out to sit with a crystal, we create a space in which its beauty and vibration has a chance to reach our being. This in itself is a beautiful experience. The more we tune into a crystal, the more we can be touched by them. No one can do this for you, it’s YOUR experience and YOUR practice alone that makes it happen. Whether this becomes a moment in time, a once in a while thing or a daily joy, YOU decide.

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