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How To Care For Your Crystals

I always love it when I see someone fall in love with their crystal! Some of us, just love the stones for their colour, beauty or shape. However, crystals also have an energetic vibration and they respond to energies around them.

Most crystals absorb a level of negative energies from their surroundings (this is how they cleanse the environment). So, if you are sensitive to energies and/or want to relate to your crystals from an energetic (informational) point of view, we HIGHLY recommend that you cleanse them very well before wearing them, or placing them in your home.

Also, if you work with, or do healing sessions with your crystals, we recommend you cleanse them before and after, for the purest energetic quality of the stone to be available to you.

There are many ways to cleanse your stones and whatever method you choose, the most important thing is that you focus your intention on the purpose of cleansing your stones eg as you place your stone under the running water, you do so with the INTENTION of it cleansing the stone from all negative and foreign energies.

Different Methods of CLEANSING

Cleansing under Running water

Running water is a popular way to cleanse crystals and is especially good for the quartz family. Ideally, we would cleanse our crystals in a spring, stream or river, but most of us don’t have one of those in our back garden, so a running tap is perfectly fine too and is just as effective.

1. Set your intention that all negativity will be washed from your crystal before starting the process.

2. Remain focused on this goal throughout the cleansing.

3. Hold your crystal under the flowing water for up to 5 minutes.

There are some crystals that aren’t suitable for cleansing with water. Make sure you’ve done your research before using this method. For example, if the name of your crystal ends in ITE then it’s best to double check as not all of those gems like the water.

Cleanse Your Crystal Through Smudging

Sage and Palo Santo work very well for this but there are many other incenses you can use too. When cleansing with this method:

1. Light the stick or herb.

2. Once it’s smouldering, hold the crystals over the smoke for 30 seconds.

3. Keep your focus on cleansing through the process.

Using Healing Crystals to Purify Other Gemstones

Some crystals are wonderful at energetically cleansing the environment including other crystals.

Crystals that are great for cleansing others include:

· Selenite

· Citrine

· Carnelian

· Clear Quartz

Personally, I love working with Selenite.

Just place your stones near, or ideally on top of, a Selenite for a few hours, with the intention of it to be cleansed.

Unlike clear quartz, Selenite is self-cleansing which means it cleanses the environment of negative energies without picking it up itself. Selenite doesn’t need cleansing.

Beware though, Selenite has a high salt content, so avoid putting wet stones in contact with them or may find it starting to dissolve a little.

Cleansing your Crystals in the Moonlight

Again, this is a very popular way to rid your gem stones of energies that don’t belong to them. Place your stones out in the moonlight (ideally during full moon, but any night will do) with the intention of cleansing them. It doesn’t matter if the moon isn’t visible, its energy is still doing what tit needs to do to cleanse your stones.

I like, whenever possible, to do this on the grass or soil. However, the window seal or on top of a table is fine, for as long as the moonlight (if it was out) can reach it.

Once the crystals have been cleansed, it is time to energise them! I understand this as the process of bringing the stones back to their full energetic potential.


A good way to do so is to place them in the sun or moonlight.

When working with the moon, especially when placing them on the earth, you are cleansing and charging them simultaneously.

If you are working with the sun light, be aware that some crystals like Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Fluorite can fade, if kept in the sun for a long time (meaning weeks).

It is also worth noting that some crystals, like clear quartz could potentially start a fire in the severe heat of the sun, so I prefer not to place my crystals in window seals that are exposed to the sun a lot.


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