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The term "orgone" was first introduced by Dr. Wilhelm Reich and means 'life force'.


Orgone pyramids are created from a blend of quartz crystals, metals, resin, and semi-precious gemstones in desired proportions for, cleansing, strenghtening and balancing the vital energy (or orgone).


The Angelite and Quartz crystal in this pyramid are included to make the energy of the pyramid more coherent and to enhance its effects.


Orgonites are used to cleanse negative energy and are also used to counteract the effects electromagnetic waves have on our body.


Orgonite pyramids can have a healthy effect on its surroundings - physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Orgone energy also has ability to negate the harmful effects of electrosmog and radiation in our surroundings. 


Just like most other crystals, an orgone pyramid should be cleansed before using it.


Refer to our blog for ways to cleanse your pyramid.

Angelite Orgonite Pyramid

  • Size 7cm

    Our beautiful pyramids are made with resin and hold small chips of Angelite, metal shavings, a quartz point and a copper conducter.

    Approx weight 100g-150g

    Size and weight may vary slightly

  • We want you to fall in love with your stones and connect with them. If, however, for any reason, your purchase isn't what you were looking for, then we are happy to refund it within 10 days.

    To arrange the return of your item and receive a refund, please contact us.

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