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Chakra: Lapis Lazuli opens the third eye (the centre for wisdom and intuition). It also balances the throat chakra (the centre for communication and self-expression).


Lapis Lazuli connects us to our own inner truth, and so to who we really are.


It helps us to be and live our truth and show that to the world.


It creates a protective field around us so we can deal with our own truths in a safe way.  Lapis thus supports those who want to grow and address the things that stand in the way of them living their true, authentic self.


You can find Lapis Lazuli in Russia, Afghanistan, Chile, Italy, Egypt and USA.


Colour: Blue with gold (from the pyrite in it)


Lapis Lazuli Piece - raw (no 2)

  • Size: approximately 13cm long and 7cm tall

    This is a piece of NATURAL raw Lapis Lazuli

  • We want you to fall in love with your stones and connect with them. If, however, for any reason, your purchase isn't what you were looking for, then we are happy to refund it within 10 days.

    To arrange the return of your item and receive a refund, please contact us.

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