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This hand crafted set includes 5 geometric shapes, made of Amethyst, and comes in a purpose made box for easy safekeeping.


The platonic solids are the repeating geometric patterns that create the basic building blocks of life. The Ancient Greeks theorised that the classical elements of the universe were represented through these shapes.


This Platonic Set includes  the following 5 shapes made of natural Amethyst:


  • Tetrahedron (Fire)
  • Hexahedron (Earth)
  • Octahedron (Air)
  • Icosahedron (Water)
  • Dodecahedron (Universe)


Please note: The Tumble Stones in the picture are not included.

Platonic Amethyst Set (5 shapes)

  • Each shape is approximately 2cm each.

    These stones are made from NATURAL stones, so colours and patterns may vary slightly.

  • We want you to fall in love with your stones and connect with them. If, however, for any reason, your purchase isn't what you were looking for, then we are happy to refund it within 10 days.

    To arrange the return of your item and receive a refund, please contact us.

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