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Chakra: Rainbow Hematite contains the full spectrum of the rainbow, and so aligns the seven chakras.


Rainbow Hematite is a natural stone that contains Hematite.


It is a powerful, grounding stone. It can help you keep your feet on the ground.


Rainbow Hematite is a deeply cleansing and detoxifying stone.


It helps renew life energy.


Rainbow Hematite can help transform negative energy into positive vibration and put a protective shield around you.


Colour: an iridescent stone containing all colours of the rainbow

Rainbow Hematite Bracelet - chipped

  • One-size

    This bracelet is made from NATURAL Rainbow Hematite  and is strung together with an elasticated band.

    As this is a natural stone, colour and patterns  may vary.

  • We want you to fall in love with your stones and connect with them. If, however, for any reason, your purchase isn't what you were looking for, then we are happy to refund it within 10 days of arrival.

    To arrange the return of your item and receive a refund, please contact us.

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