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Chakra: Third Eye (The centre of vision and intuition) and also the Crown chakra (also known as the ‘bridge to the universe and receiver of spiritual consciousness)


This stone was first discovered in Labrador, Canada and takes its name from there.


It is associated with magic and transformation. 


This beautiful stone provides support during times of change.


Labradorite is useful in helping make your dreams come true. It is often referred to as the ‘lucky stone’ and is meant to attract good luck, abundance, and wealth.


It helps bring out the best in people.


Labradorite is a powerful protector of the auric shield and helps prevent others drain your energy.


It supports the awakening of intuition and developing wisdom. It's one of few stones that help you work out what your destiny is and what you are supposed to do in this life.


Colour: iridescent, glowing in various colours including blue, green, red, orange and yellow.

Labradorite Pendant Point set in Silver

  • This gemstone pendant is made from NATURAL Labradorite and is set in 925 sterling silver.

    Colour: Please note that as this is a natural stone, and so the colour and patterning may vary.

    Size: 4cm


  • We want you to fall in love with your stones and connect with them. If, however, for any reason, your purchase isn't what you were looking for, then we are happy to refund it within 10 days.

    To arrange the return of your item and receive a refund, please contact us.

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