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Our Ayash Crystals journey started with a crystal Christmas calendar. I intended this to be a 25-day crystal project for my daughter whom I home educate.  

The more we learned about each crystal, the more we fell in love with them and wanted to know more! We looked at their colour, properties, raw and tumbled forms, where they came from etc.

When it came to studying how these gems are come to the UK, I wanted to give my daughter the experience of seeing what a wholesaler was. So, we innocently contacted some of them to see if they could show us around. We now know, wholesalers don’t do tours! However, we really wanted to go for the whole experience, and so we decided to open a small shop ourselves with the intention of buying a few crystals to sell them on in our circle of friends, just for the experience….

And that’s how we got started...

These beautiful stones brought so much joy to us and people around, that within a month we went back for more stones and shortly thereafter we had our first small pop up stall at a local fayre. 

When I see someone’s eyes light up when they connect to a particular stone that is the most beautiful moment to witness for me. Furthermore, we have managed to raise money for local charities through our crystals sales.


The joy and passion these gem stones have brought to our family is just one of the unexpected gifts they can bring when you engage with them. We hope, from the bottom of our heart, that they will touch your life too. 

As we have expanded the collection, through the grace of the gems, we have been led to some wholesalers around the world, from where we source ethical and beautiful stones and hope you find just the right one for you. 

About Marilene:

I am also a homeopath of 25 years and coach in family constellations. If you would like to find out more about this, please visit my website 

On the right, are a couple of pictures from our first pop-up shop ever at Roost, in Bagshot, Surrey, where we raised money for Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue.

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